Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tall Bottle

I've spent today in New York artist Jonathan Talbot's 'Dancing With Design' collage workshop at the Vancouver Island School of Art, exploring the process of composition, and this collage is what I made at the day's end. Jonathan has sold over 35 000 pieces of art and listening to him was like entering a much larger world where anything is possible. I had expected we would examine each design element and principle and how to use them effectively in various ways, with plenty of hands on. Instead, I have the sense that I opened the door to a hurricane of such magnitude that I still don't know what hit me - in a different and positive way. The learning feels complex and in need of digesting; a view of a larger whole. Sometimes I wish I could bottle the essence of a workshop experience, to uncork and breathe in, in the future. I'd label this one 'Talbottle' - for a tall order and tall shoes to fill.


Laura said...

Hi Yvonne
Glad you got to attend such a fabulous workshop. I do love the visual impact of this composition.
I like the way the subtle dark marks in the background draw the eye up to the right corner! My eye moves nicely around this composition, which is probably at least part of the impact you were hoping for!

Yvonne said...

Thanks for telling me what you like about the collage, Laura!