Monday, September 7, 2009

Screening at Last

I'm finally using the silkscreen that I bought at the beginning of this year, although I haven't printed on any fabric yet, because I'm trying the 'deconstructed' method. After duct-taping the screen, I added thickened dye over texture I placed below the screen - a peacock feather, rubbing plate, puzzle pieces, and a spongy grid from a fruit box. Once the dye is dried on the screen, I will use print paste to transfer it to fabric. Although I used very small amounts of the dye thickener, I still had some left over, so I used it to do monoprints as well as paint on several pieces of cloth, and they are batching right now. I also tried this curved piecing technique in the photo directly above, which I found tedious but doable.

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