Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Deconstructed Screenprint Results

The top photo is the dye painted fabric I showed previously when it was batching and alot darker. You can also see the difference in colour and value in the photo directly above this text, where the left side is batching screen printed fabric and the right side is the same fabric after rinsing, washing with synthrapol and drying. I printed with clear soda ash paste on the dyed screen 7 times and you can see how light the final print was, as well as the screen once most of the dye is gone. I like having one of a kind fabric and I can see that having the same colours in various values will be useful for putting them together in an art quilt. This method of colouring fabric is pretty time consuming, messy and requires plenty of space - mine is pretty tight and a drying rack would have come in handy. I really like the results, though.


Susan Purney Mark said...

Great job, Yvonne. I like your chocie of colours and they balnce to the work. thanks for sharing.

Yvonne said...

Thanks, Susan!