Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Stitch In Time

I was on Saltspring Island yesterday for an anniversary day trip and I dropped into 'Stitches' - an amazing store selling all kinds of fibre art related materials. I'm sure I spent 2 hours in there and I could have spent more! I had a few supplies to pick up in preparation for the on-line course that I will be taking soon - and I also got some books. I took photos throughout the day and was drawn to the marvelous texture of this rock at a new beach we discovered, as well as that of the sagging, abandoned structure. Perhaps I will represent these in fabric one day. I have chosen a pinkish metallic yarn for the spiral couching I want to use on my quilt-in-progress. Also, I have been thinking about pattern on cloth since creating the discharged heart card, how shapes can be printed in rows, randomly, like brick-work, mirror-imaged, etc. I'm intrigued to explore representing behavioural patterns with visual patterning. There are so many idea threads I'd like to follow...

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