Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today I attended the official opening of the Poet Laureate Legacy Artwork, created by my former husband and friend, Glenn Closson, in honour of the former poet laureate, Carla Funk. Carla's poem 'Hide and Seek' is engraved on the metal ribbons entwined in the branches of the tree sculpture. I felt inspired to see both of these artists recognized, as well as by the presence of a new piece of art in our city. Parts of the various speeches were interesting too - such as that when local poets have given readings at city council meetings, it has changed the tenor of the meeting. Carla said that in writing her poem, she thought of a person walking along the sidewalk and feeling particularly solitary and how she loves the idea of language being able to grab that person out of their lonliness. And that's the power of art - to move us and give us a gift in the doing of that.

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