Sunday, February 8, 2009


Here's the brooch I made for a friend a few weeks ago, starting with a wet felted base and adding felt, curly wool, embroidered handstitches and machine stitching. The back is green satin with a pin attached. Earlier today I carried on sorting in the studio for a brief time, and came up with a solution of how and where to store my fabrics which will require another weekend, probably, to put into place. I also popped by to the community art show where my quilt is being shown and I learned that it's been receiving alot of interest - people are stopping to really take a look instead of perusing it briefly and moving on. So that was a pleasant surprise!


Laura said...

Hi Yvonne
Good for you organizing your studio space. That's certainly on my list as well. I'm very excited for you about the interest in your quilt.
People should explore it "up close". I sure know I enjoy looking up close with your work.

Yvonne said...

Thanks Laura! Occasional re-organizing of studio space seems to be a necessary part of life - I imagine you'll have more time once your class with Susan is done.