Monday, March 19, 2012

Sticking With the Blues

This peacock's blue outshines anything I can achieve in my vats! Here are a few samples of what I've been doing - I like how this became a butterfly pattern:

And I had an idea today to try braiding strips and then dipping the braid to see what might result. It looks kind of feathery to me.

And another idea I had was to dip using blue glue gel as a resist. I had some pieces previously prepared and I put a little liquid from the vat in a seperate small container and it worked just fine.

Since my first tests went alright, I dipped a larger piece, too, that I had drawn a few years ago using a painting by Lawren Harris for inspiration.
I have more ideas waiting to try tomorrow...


Nancy said...

Wow - the results you are getting are amazing!!! You've become quite the indigo-pro :)

jude said...

the resist idea is in my head too, since i like to draw so much. but d=fora few days i must take care of other things. i like what you are doing.

Jennifer said...

The blue glue resist does work well - it's so interesting how a technique learned elsewhere can be applied with something completely different.

Keep thinking outside that box - you are teaching us so much.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I can hardly wait until I see the large painted are having such great success!The resist might be interesting to try in my present project. Thank you dear!!!

deanna7trees said...

i've used that blue gel with great. you're getting amazing results with all your wonderful ideas. i love that last one.

Penny Berens said...

Love what you're doing especially the first blue goo resist!

Yvonne said...

Nancy - I'm definitely not a pro by any means - but an experimenter for sure - thanks for looking!

Jude - yes, that's the 'draw'. Thanks.

Jennifer - thanks for your encouragement - I've done a gel resist with paint in the past and I'm so pleased it worked with indigo.

Mary Helen - I hope the resist proves useful for you too!

Deanna - thanks! The tricky part with dye instead of the paint is the glue washes off - but where there's a will...

Penny - thanks!