Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturation Point

Today I focused on leaving the fabrics in the indigo for a longer time period, and most did come out darker. This silk velvet spent one hour in the bath. And this is cotton - also one hour.

And some trim and silk organza - which remained a turquoise in spite of being longer in the bath.

And overdyeing with indigo - on a piece I had previously dyed green, just to see what would happen.

I am learning something with each dip and I can also try successive dips with one fabric, to see how that works to darken the colour.


joe said...

what a tremendous amount of beautiful fun!! makes me itch to try some indigo! such beautiful shades...

Marie Costa said...

These are beautiful results.

Nancy said...

Wow again! I love the midnight of the first one and the greenish hues of the bottom :) Beautiful

Jeannie said...

Gorgeous results! I am trying to be patient and wait for warmer weather before I start the vat. I have been waffling back and forth on purchasing the indigo dvd, but since I am unable to participate in Glennis' class, I may make the plunge. Isn't indigo magical?! I love how the transformation from green to blue happens right before your eyes - magical! Have fun!

Yvonne said...

Joe - I hope you do! It is really interesting how large a range of shades are possible.

Marie - thank you!

Nancy - I just love this exploring with indigo!

Jeannie - sounds like you are no stranger to the blues! And yes, the transformation from green to blue is magical. The DVD is good - especially if you plan to dye and print with other kinds of natural dyes. Too bad the timing wasn't right to take Glennis' class - maybe she'll offer it again.