Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hunting Colour

Today I was interested in seeing if I could dye a brighter turquoise with indigo. Two of my vats were spent, but two were working, so I dipped silk satin swatches and got turquoise the first try! I wondered if maybe I could dye cotton of a similar colour and tried, but without success other than in the lightest dips. This was my last blue dip of the day and while I did have some linen that went in afterwards, the vat was no longer giving colour. It reminds me of a frosty winter scene.

And so does this silk velvet piece:

Here's one more silk scrap from the vat that I like for the square pattern in the weave that darkens where the indigo touches it:

And yesterday I popped this silk velvet that was a cream and yellow from previous leaf dyeing I had done, into the vat:

Now I will see if I can get those three spent vats going again - or maybe make up another kind.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

These experiments were just magical...I love the folded piece...the design leaves room for doodles with dye paint. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Marie Costa said...

Your blog has such delicious eye candy. I've never used indigo but it seems fun, the results are all so different!

Yvonne said...

Mary Helen - I agree that spaces in dyed cloth are invitations to play! I was thinking along the lines of more cloth and stitch, perhaps - but that's down the road a ways, yet.

Marie - thanks - and it is fun to do and very engrossing.