Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jewels of the Soul

I have been thinking about questions, as well as stitching them onto a violet velvet piece which will go beneath the part of Palace of the Soul that my mother embroidered with butterflies that used to be the bib of a piece of clothing she made for me. I will add buttons and keep the bib fastened on the lower edge to make it like a trap door of sorts - or a hinged lid. A recurring symbol for me is that of the treasure chest or trunk full of jewels. I once made my son a cake shaped like that for his fifth birthday, full of candies for the jewels, including gold coins of course, along with a Pirate theme. When I was about that age, I lined up for hours to ask t.v. personality Mr. Dressup a question: How do you make your trunk disappear? I had no conception that such things could be done with editing, dry ice and camera tricks, so I was a little disappointed with the answer. I am stitching question marks as the jewels in my 'trunk' because they are of so much value. A question leads me on a quest of discovery and arises from what matters to me, which relates to how I make meaning and as a kind of organ of meaning, the soul offers up these jewels. To draw a question mark I start with an organic circling motion, seeking around until with a certain, downward stroke I define what it is I want to understand and I further solidify that focus with the emphasis of a dot - which can be a beginning or an end - and both. See the button holes at either top corner?

And what's inside this package I received today?

I will be starting up a vat or two in the next few days, and I probably won't wait for the online class to begin dipping into the blue. Strangely, my printer has not been printing blue for the last two weeks, since I got my class supply list, and there is still blue ink in the cartridge and cleaning doesn't help...

Could be a sign.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Yahoo for you!!! Have FUN!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Yvonne said...

Oh - it is fun and you must be having fun, too!