Monday, April 11, 2011

Rolling Up My Sleeves

Signs of spring are blossoming everywhere. Including on the grounds outside the old church where the 'Consider the Lilies' show is put on annually by eleven local fibre artists.
I found a lovely painted silk charmeuse jacket there, made by Irm Houle. It has other butterflies, too, and a huge one spanning the entire back.
I have also been to the BC Museum to see 'The Other Emily: Redefining Emily Carr', an exhibit where artist Manon Elder collaborated with curator Kathryn Bridge, to show Emily in her youth, before she became widely recognized. Manon's paintings of Carr are her novel interpretations based on historical photographs and these were interspersed with Carr's paintings, journals and sketchbooks. I came away feeling uplifted for having entered Carr's interesting and fruitful world. I have always been drawn to her paintings and once did a pastel rendition of one of them as a teenager. I was also intrigued that in a few of Manon's paintings of Carr, she used liquid indigo on the canvas. This close up was part of a sleeve in one of the paintings: And another sleeve - this one from a Victorian style child's dress from around the same time period as Emily's childhood. I like the triangles, which also lined the hem of the skirt.

And - I have cleared my studio area so I have space to work again.


deanna7trees said...

such beautiful photos and interesting words. that sleeve in the last photo is gorgeous. i love brown velvet.

Yvonne said...

Thanks! I love the old fashioned dresses with their interesting details, too.

Shane said...

Is the butterfly with black splatters Emily Carr's work? I am confused. Some of my students chose to paint thinking it was Emily's, but I had trouble finding it... Would love clarification.