Friday, April 1, 2011

Floating Heart

Can you guess what I used to make this pattern? I added Spanish onion and camellias from my garden to the dye pot, hoping to get a more pinkish beige.
Instead, I have a wave of neutrals that I made using - rickrack! The idea popped into mind because I wanted to change the Shibori's line spacing and thought a thicker kind of tie would also be interesting .
And I am participating in Jude Hill's Whispering Hearts series - not a class per se, but a match to what is very dear to my heart and how I work - noticing process and following it. Jude is sharing her process in real time - which is also my preference, as it is energized and alive, not after the fact. I had started this piece a few months ago and decided some of the flowers could become hearts - maybe flying hearts.
Handstitching is uplifting and I like allowing the breeze to draw me to where I'm going next.
Tonight is the opening of our Mark Making With Machine class exhibition at the Victoria College of Art and if it's like the previous one I was part of, it will be packed!


deanna7trees said...

beautiful heart emerging from the cloth. enjoy the evening.

jude said...

i feel something in your stitching lately. something grand.

Yvonne said...

Thanks very much, Deanna!

Jude, thanks for sharing this thoughtful comment - you know I think you and your work are grand, too!