Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dyeing, Displays and Demos

I spent some of the morning dyeing this silk velvet. I still haven't left any of my Arashi Shibori crinkled because curiosity has me peeking between the folds!
In the afternoon I was back at the Victoria College of Art to talk to visitors at our exhibition. I met textile artist and instructor Elaine Duncan, who gave me a demonstration of tapestry weaving on a copper loom. She had a display of her beautiful natural dyed yarns, books and some of her lovely pieces - and - some indigo shibori! Elaine will be teaching a tapestry weaving course and one on natural dyeing at the college soon.
Lesley Turner, who taught the Mark Making With Machine class I just took, was showing how to make a pattern using various stamps and paint. She is offering a course on pattern design this summer that is sure to be comprehensive.
I also have stitched a few more hearts:


Judy Martin said...

Your shibori is beautiful.

Say hello to Lesley Turner for me.
We have never met, but we are friends.

Penny Berens said...

Lucky girl...I'd be there with Lesley turner too if I could.

Yvonne said...

Thank you, Judy - I believe you and Lesley are in the same textile degree program?

Penny, well that would be fun to have you in the class!