Monday, November 1, 2010


Pumpkin patch, nine patch, why not? Today I plucked these flowers from a box on the verandah and they embraced the silk handily.
Elm leaves turned out to be great for leaving their pattern and colour, too. The fabric they are on is a previously onion dyed silk, and I love the purples, pinks, blacks and greens this yielded. I also did one on plain white silk and the leaves left their colour pretty much as a straight transfer.

I put these salmon coloured maple leaves on pale green rayon and the result is less interesting then I had hoped, but I can improve it with more dyeing.


jude said...

your prints came out great and the nine patch pumpkin, what can i say?

Patty said...

Super pumpkin!!

arlee said...

OH those oak leaves!!! I miss the Garry's :)And the maples are wondrous too in a shyer way. There are neither oaks nor maples here in calgary--i never appreciated how much biodiversity was there when i lived there!

Yvonne said...

Thanks Jude and Patty!

Arlee - here I had been calling these leaves 'Elm' leaves - so thanks for correctly identifying them and teaching me in the process! I spent part of my childhood and went to highschool in Calgary, but I was born in Vancouver and once I left home, I headed back to the coast for it's natural beauty - as well as university.

Anonymous said...

Love the flower imprints on the silk- I wanna do this technique- just gotta get Christmas stuff done first