Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If I don't express creatively in some medium everyday, my soul feels locked up. So I took myself for a walk with my camera today - I take a lot of photos but I largely don't put them on this blog because its focus is fibre. However, I haven't been stitching these last few days
although I have been buying and gathering supplies for the Mark Making course I will begin in a few weeks time. Fortunately I have many of the items on the supply list. We are to choose one colour to work with and the yarns, ribbons, threads and beads, etc. that I've gathered are all in shades of green. The arbutus tree is my favourite tree and I once wrote an ode to it - I love the contrast of the peeling red bark and green wood beneath, and the sensuality of it's shape.

Someone toppled this mushroom over - maybe the buck I surprised coming out of my driveway the other night.

I find switching between mediums is energizing.


deanna7trees said...

the bark on that tree is wonderful. wonder what it would do in the dye bath...

jude said...

yes, and what an unusual photo.

Yvonne said...

Deanna, I've tried dyeing with arbutus bark once - I posted results on my blog Feb. 17 of this year - more brown on silk, then red - although maybe that would vary being it's a different season, now.

Hi Jude! I got another arbutus photo with chunks of bark hanging, but there's always too many to post.