Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back Up Fabric

This piece has been waiting to be quilted and finished and it finally came to me how to go about doing that. I like the design as is and didn't want to lose some of it by finishing it with a facing or binding, so I have backed this with yellow felted wool - which is so smooth to stitch through. The wool extends about a half inch beyond the pieced top on all four sides and I am going to leave the edges of the pieced top raw, but I am stitching just beyond the edges of it, at intervals so that it will still stay together. And today was my quilt guild's garage sale, where everyone brings fabrics or quilting related items to sell and buy. Here's the scene: a large gym with tables spread throughout covered in plastic bags of every imaginable fabric with varied amounts and low prices. (Our guild has over 400 members.) Chairs surround the perimeter, each one displaying books, rulers, patterns and other goodies. I like ethnic fabrics like these Japanese and African ones I found:
The gold one near the centre is silk!


deanna7trees said...

love the look of your stitched piece. reminds me a little of 'korak' patchwork done by Ruth Tschudy of Switzerland. i have her book but haven't had time to delve into it. great fabric finds. love those blues.

Yvonne said...

Thanks, Deanna - 'korak' is new to me and so is Ruth Tshchudy, who I googled - interesting work and I see she began by drawing designs and moved to freestyle design. Thanks for the reference and I'll be interested to see what you make once you get to the book.