Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yesterday morning I woke to find a sky eye watching me.Today's sky is undifferentiated white fog -and - I love the surprise of that. I also noticed this on my carpet - which I have never seen there before, and right after I snapped the photo, I went looking for the source, only to look back and the rainbow had disappeared! A good case for seizing the moment.
Some surprise colours appeared on this linen, which I dyed with the same eucalyptus leaves that previously yielded a rust/orange on silk. One difference beyond the fabric type was using alum instead of vinegar as a mordant. There is yellow, brown and black, here, and I'm showing just a portion of the piece.

I wonder what will surprise me today?


yvette said...

seeing all the things you'll meet today as a surprise...great words

Yvonne said...

Thanks for your comment, Yvette!