Monday, October 4, 2010

Making Sure I Get My Greens

Silk gauze dyes beautifully - this reminds me of seaweed. And I over dyed this linen a third time:
Here is a loosely woven cotton that I also tested in the dye bath - it fringes nicely.

And while I was dyeing, I figured why not pop in my white socks? :)


Sweetpea said...

Well, Yvonne, you sure got your greens...and me thinks you had way too much fun in the process :>]]

It must be the influence from Jude's workshop but I can *see* your seaweed and fringey cloth woven together somehow in my mind's eye :>]]

Yvonne said...

Hi Christie, I do love seeing the fabric transform and the gauze has floated onto a variety of other dyed pieces and it's amazing how it changes the fabric beneath it. I will definitely explore further.