Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This daisy from my garden wanted to leave a lasting impression behind after having smiled its sunny face in my kitchen window for some time. So out came a scrap of the hydreangea dyed silk, which I sandwiched with the flower between two canning jar tops and steamed, thinking I might get an imprint of the flower. Here is the surprise I got - more colour outside the circle then within! I don't really understand why this would happen, but now that I know it's a possibility I might put it to further
experimentation. Last night I heard Inge Heuber speak at my quilt guild. She is a pioneering artist in quilt art from Germany who makes textile art with the seams on the front using many colours she hand dyes on cotton. While her work is in numerous publications, has hung in prestigious shows like Quilt National, and is in the collection of the New York Museum of Art and Design, what I will remember beyond that and the beauty of her quilts is her long term dedication to her art form even when she knew no one else quilting in Germany, when she received no recognition or money for her work and yet she knew it was what she had to do - it was not a hobby, but her life's work. You can see her interpretation of one of her beloved places into textile art here: And today is the final day of the Spiritcloth class I've been taking from Jude Hill.
As our class parts ways, I am appreciating having taken a dip into Jude's world along with others for sharing and learning.

'Patchwork Beasts' - another online class with Jude begins tomorrow and who knows what will wash ashore for me there? There's always something - maybe something I didn't even expect!


Cathie said...

Well hello there fiberheart! I too am taking Patchwork beasts. I too have two patchwork beasts of my own (two corgis) and how fun it will be to turn them in to fabric. So nice to meet you. And by the way - the piece you posted on the intro page is amazing!

Yvonne said...

Hi Cathie - nice to meet you, too! Thanks for the compliment about my piece and I look forward to seeing those corgis and all the other beasts that join in the fun.

Patty said...

What an interesting result!

It's so very wonderful to sew along with friends all over the world. I'll bring my mini dachshund along with the Corgis. Let the wild rumpus begin!

Yvonne said...

I agree and dachshunds are a favourite of mine!

Barbara said...

What a great result ... I am fascinated by all the very interesting results you get. I loved your post and especially your thoughts on Inge Hueber ... sometimes you just need something like that to get you through a discouraging patch. Her website is lovely.
Have a great time with your workshop with Jude Hill.
Best wishes,

Yvonne said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for your comment - I agree that we all need encouragement sometimes and hearing a story like Inge Heuber's, helps. And I am really enjoying my workshop with Jude!