Friday, July 30, 2010

Making the Rounds

Along with my art quilt group, I am part of a surface design round robin. This half metre of fabric is the piece I received and I decided to add some contrasting colour and more of a defined structure or pattern while still leaving space for the next participant to add to it. Here is the same fabric after shibori dyeing it:
What interested me was how different the backside was - because the original fabric was a print that doesn't carry through to it. The dye is brighter on the white backside and I usually use white or solid light fabric to dye on - not the backside of a print, but I see now that that is an option, too. So I will keep that in mind when I see yardage I'm not attracted to - how it might be transformed.

Of course, I couldn't resist throwing something else in the dye bath, too - a little silk velvet - which ended up coloured like a scarf, with creamy insides and purple edges and ends.
Also, I was out to see the Sooke Fine Arts show last weekend and saw a few studios open for touring, as well as dropped into an 'Art in the Garden' show with lovely ambience and live music, put on by several artisans in a variety of mediums.


Barbara said...

Hi and Oh my ... I love that silk velvet ... what a really nice piece!
I love seeing your dyes.
Very best wishes,

Yvonne said...

Thankyou, Barbara! Unfolding the cloth after dyeing it, to see how it looks, is always such a thrill!