Friday, July 9, 2010


With yesterday's very hot weather , I headed for Botany Bay and Botanical beach with their stunning scenery and interesting tidepools. Layers of sky, trees, rock, water and undersea life - and perfect temperatures.
The tide happened to be out and we were able to cross the coastline on the rocks from one bay to the other. I took nearly 300 photos - so much texture, line, shape and colour to sink into!

Some of the holes filled with sea life are very deep and I could imagine that I was walking on ice broken by fishing holes, instead of rock. I met many other creatures enroute, including these ones:

Maybe some of them will show up when I take the Patchwork Beasts stitch class that Jude Hill is offering, beginning next week. And here is a video clip with sentiments I appreciate, of Renate Hiller speaking about the value of handwork...

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