Thursday, January 30, 2014

Continuing into Last Fall

Last fall my youngest son moved to Vancouver and while hiking I came upon a tree with charred insides that looked to me like a woman walking in a black robe.  With thoughts of an empty nest and womb I called this dyed silk and wool piece 'Crone'.  I entered it in the Sidney Fine Arts Show but it wasn't one of the pieces selected and I'm just as happy to have it up on my wall!
Feeling further into my process, I called this dyed, felted and stitched piece 'With Every Ending Comes a New Beginning'.
And this one was inspired by Hundertwasser - I wanted to see if I could combine silk and wool to show layers.  Just one bird now - in a 'nest' of joyful colour - a mirror for more time to create with fibre ahead!
When Twigs was a puppy and I had limited periods to work, I would felt or dye small pieces and I combined some into a journal cover ready for a journey to Saltspring Island for Felt Feutre - Canadian Felting Week.


marny said...

It is such fun to re-visit some of the pieces, Yvonne. I feel so lucky to have seen and 'felt' them in person!!

Yvonne said...

Thanks very much, Marny! I agree that hands on is much preferable to photos - especially with fibre - and enjoy seeing your work, too.