Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some Work From Last Year

 'She Rules the World' - the Goddess Isis - a gift for my sister.

 A response to a dream I had - reflecting on a feminine version of power as a healing, creative force and the deep desire for life to continue; the power of love, generosity, kindness, support and truth telling, and the fierce devotion and protection of loved ones and the earth.

'New Pathways' was inspired by the work of Anthony Thorn and is about pushing into new territory with a sense of determination, adventure and discovery.

I asked what to make next before taking a nap and awoke with this image.  'Freedom' is being conscious I have a full spectrum of possible choices to support me in creating my experience.  This piece is over 5 feet wide, although you might not imagine that, given the small size of this photo!


jude said...

wow, scale is not apparent. great spectrum.

Yvonne said...