Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scrap Happy

A night sky in progress: And imagine my joy when I found that this old Hungarian cotton tablecloth I bought for a dollar at a garage sale has mended patches and holes! Signs of being loved and valued.
I notice how I'm drawn to the smallest scraps that seem to magnetically pair together, becoming more beautiful - the simple beauty of fabric itself.

This one reminds me of a feather.
And I have been developing a focal point with machine stitch in this piece - but still have further emphasis to add. I am understanding what it's saying to me now.


Gracie said...

I came over from CWB to see the close up of the unicorn and night sky- lovely. But I had to say I love this patch on the Hungarian piece. And I love the rad/pink/oxblood combination in this last bit. A feast over here!

arlee said...

ahhhhhhhhhh, that last piece! So many it seems are afraid of the machine or think it's impersonal--i believe a blending of hand and machine can really make magic and transcend both

deanna7trees said...

great find that hungarian piece. love the red weaving in the bottom photo. looks like a tree on its side. and i sit and play with my scraps as well. some great miraculous combinations.

Yvonne said...

Gracie - thanks for visiting! Finding the mended patch was a bonus.

Arlee - yes, I think there's room for both kinds of stitch magic in combination or separately - depending on what wants to be expressed and how best to do that.

Deanna - thanks. You have been very active in CWB - making and participating alot! Playing with scraps can be bliss :)