Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heart Wear

I finished stitching this today and suddenly had an idea... What if I put it onto the sweatshirt I was wearing?
I am so pleased with this - as it feels really 'me'. I also made a patch for one of the sleeves -
to cover a bit of existing design - so I will be wearing my heart on my sleeve!


deanna7trees said...

that last patch is gorgeous. perfect for a sleeve.

arlee said...

so PRETTY!!!!!!!!! I'm not partial to the "classic" heart symbol but yours are wonderful

Herm said...

it was great to use your beautiful heart in your sweatshirt!!

Laura said...

You are right, the heart embellishment on your shirt does look like you!
Looking forward to seeing your garment "in person".

Yvonne said...

Thanks Deanna!

Arlee - it's interesting that so many people have strong feelings towards hearts - either negative or positive. I am a heart lover in case you can't tell :)

Thanks, Herm - I am enjoying wearing it!

Laura - interesting that you see that - the sweatshirt is getting much more wear now that I've put my heart into it.

Hoola Tallulah said...

Absolutely beautiful woven cloth and it looks simply stunning on your sweatshirt, I'll bet you get a whole lot of people asking where you got that! Loving your work, I am also in Jude's class, though quietly lurking! Thanks for sharing your work, it is very inspiring!