Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Putting the Pieces Together

The story I have been working out in fabric reached a conclusion with the final 'surprise is the key' block. I last left my story rabbit inside the tunnel with the Blue Imp of Intuition - where she fell asleep and dreamed of a magnificent fenced garden, lush with lettuce, crunchy carrots and tender beet leaves. How she wanted those vegetables, but what if she was caught? Her heart pounded as she slipped inside the fence and snuck around, while secretly sampling here and there. When she awoke, she realized that the dream might be telling her something about how to outwit the question monster guarding all the questions locked in the treasure chest. She saw that she had risked going into the garden partly because of wanting nourishment to stay alive, but also, she had to admit that it had been a thrill to play hide and seek. So it was the sense of fun in life that had allowed her to risk discovery as a thief in the garden, and since that sense of secrecy with potential discovery was fun, what if it was the lure of the unknown that was the key to unlock the chest of questions - as in - surprise itself was the secret that would forever allow her access to the questions? As she had this thought, she felt certain it was true and the monster withered instantly because 'surprise' also means to attack unexpectedly and now that the rabbit had discovered the secret of the monster, it was no longer a surprise. And the chest burst open and all the questions took flight like bats into the tunnel and she knew that no matter how far down the tunnel she went, there would always be the lure of more surprises leading her to find and ask the questions. And that is when the story began... The moon fabric is the backing for what I am thinking of as my teaching cloth, since to me it illustrates my creative process. The last photo is trying on an applique technique from the online Spiritcloth class I'm taking on some of my hand dyed fabric. I chose a rainbow for the beginning of a new story because I think of rainbows as symbols for unlimited potential.


Working with cloth said...

Yvonne love the story you tell with your cloth weaving, it looks wonderful.

Barbara said...

Your story looks wonderful and imaginative and truly tells a story.
Best wishes,

Yvonne said...

Anni - thankyou very much - I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Barbara - thankyou for recognizing the story in it!