Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Hole in My Story

I went to the Nanaimo Guild's Quilt Show yesterday and really enjoyed the variety and innovation there - not to mention that delicious tomato soup! On the stage at intervals they had a quilt turning where a speaker told the story of the quilt and its maker- some quilts were quite old and had been passed down through generations, while others were relatively recent. I like to notice what draws my attention as a clue to ideas I might like to try or as an indication of what is coming next into my creating, and I was delighted with this worn historical crazy quilt - all those loose fibres, the handstitch and the hole... Raw edges and handstitch have been fascinating me for some time now, but holes? Well it so happens that my developing cloth story contains a tunnel that is about to be dug and the head of the chicken who will start digging the hole is from 40's fabric I found at a garage sale, already pieced. Doesn't it look like eyes and a beak? Coupled with some feather fabric I printed, this new character was ready to perform. Also at yesterday's show I picked up a package of indigo squares at half price and when I went to make a next story block of the chicken's foot, in spite of having a fabric that looked like clods of earth flying upward, the indigo kept insisting to be used and I finally let the blue dust devils loose.


Laura said...

Thanks for your story.
I went to Nanaimo show today (after attending a meeting) and really enjoyed it.
Good find on the reduced indigo fabric.
I gave into some beautiful blue ceramic butterfly buttons.

Yvonne said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you saw the show, too, and I know the buttons you mean - I bought the starfish ones!