Sunday, June 27, 2010

Climbing to the Moon

I wanted to use a pieced component in a next story, so I dug out one I'd forgotten I'd even made and this elephant and moon story I had started in the Cloth to Cloth online class suggested it had a place for it. When I placed my triangular pieced component on it, it fit perfectly as a mountain for the elephant to be climbing - only it was made of bright fabrics that I felt drew my eye away from the focus between elephant and moon, so I wondered what if I kept the same shape and used some organza instead, to be like the moon reflecting on the mountain? As I basted the mountain on, it kept niggling at me - why was the mountain transparent when it 'should' be very substantial rock - and represented by perhaps, darker, opaque fabric, maybe with organza on top? And it came to me that sometimes what seems like a mountain to climb can actually be less substantial over time - more 'see throughable', knowable and doable - so that 'reaching the moon' is a real possibility. Just yesterday, I dropped off 'Weaving the World' to the largest juried show in our area. It may not get into the show as about 1300 people apply and only about 300 make the cut, but what matters is that it symbolizes 'arrival' for me - arrival in a next level of being an artist. Since I first attended this show, something in me knew it was a mountain I was meant to climb, was the moon I was called to reach for. And now I have and what once seemed so huge and far away from being attainable is now much closer. The second photo is something I began playing with last night.

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