Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Serious Play

I've spent today at Martha Cole's workshop, where I covered batting with scraps, then drew cards she has made to take a next step, followed by another next step, with the result in the photo above. We are exploring serious play, pushing past any reservations to get to new work and new ideas - and I am appreciating the discussion, Martha, seeing the work of the others and the whole experience, which feels like an excellent choice. My first card instructed me to add some hot pink to the piece, which I did, in the form of a star. That step led to me later choosing to add more stars, stamping stars and adding 3D texture in the form of shooting star-like tails in several spots - which also made me think of show ribbons. Somehow, this quilt encompasses a feeling of joy for me - even though it's incomplete and done in a plunge-in style without careful designing, it is as though doing it this way yields me the inner prize. I tried to accentuate the star effect further with the couching of yarn along the radiating lines - near the end of the day, we took notice of what we liked and amplified that. Humans are like star shapes in that we have our four appendages plus head off of a main body, similar to a 5-sided star, and each of us is the star in our own life. Taking this workshop feels like being among the stars!

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