Tuesday, August 25, 2009


After further designing of this quilt top, I am 'falling' for it in spite of the ugly grey fabric. The addition of the cascade of leaves and the pinwheel block mimicking their motion offers more interest and I've got it sandwiched with the edges finished in pillow-case style. I've begun quilting and will see where that takes me. I've also been washing fabrics in preparation for dyeing and doing more blue glue gel designs so they will be ready for painting tomorrow.


Laura said...

Thanks for sharing this. It's getting me to think about mine.
I'll have a lot less to do around here starting sat so I plan on doing some dyeing outside as well.
I have some cans of fabric paint meant for tie dye and plan to spray my piece and then discharge it with the left over paste from the class I took with Gloria. I'll see how that goes!

Yvonne said...

Laura, I will be interested to see the results!