Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back into the Flow

Day two of the workshop with Martha Cole and I brought this quilt to work on. After quilting the pink hair, I wasn't happy with the brightness of it, so I used purple pencil crayon to shade it and added yellow and white crayon to the flowers - note the coloured upper two and the untouched lower one to compare the difference. Then I didn't like how purple I made the hair and Martha saved the day with a great tip - cover it with masking tape, colour over the tape with pencil crayon and ample pressure, remove tape and voila, alot of the pencil crayon colour is taken up with it! So I was able to get the fabric back to a shaded pink again. We talked about our skill sets with respect to fabric as a way to clarify what we might put into play, and to become aware of what we like or dislike, what we're profficient at and what we want to try. We also rated ourselves on a scale of our visual preferences - again to raise awareness of our particular way of working. And Martha treated us to a show of some of her work - much of it largescale enhanced digital close up photos on fabric of trees. I am really appreciating her professionalism, as well as that of the other participants - and seeing everyone's evolving work.

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