Sunday, June 7, 2009

Published and Pleasant Day

What a grand day I've had seeing some of the Saanich Peninsula Studio Tour. An extra bit of excitement for me was when another art quilter showed me the summer issue of Canadian Quilter Magazine and my quilt 'Expansion or Contraction?' was featured in it, as part of an article written by Susan Purney Mark. I saw the work, studios and gardens of numerous artists, and I enjoyed learning about the processes and mediums they employ. At 'Island Rain Studio', Wendy P. Diamond demonstrated creating a glass bead and I found a lovely green spiral bead necklace to match my shirt. At Aliza Souleyeva-Alexander's home I learned about 'grattography', a combination of paraffin wax, acrylic and gouache on paper, that she uses to create her symbolic pieces. She also had fibre art she'd made framed in a unique way by putting grommets along the edges of the fabric and using cord to stretch it to a wooden frame. Some of her fibre art had painted silk with wool roving sewn on. The stitching for this is labourious because of the loose and unfelted fibres snagging on the machine foot. I remember this from when I've added unfelted wool to one of my pieces. I also saw a fibre group's show that was part of the tour, quilter Lenny de Groot's studio and five other artists working in a variety of mediums.

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