Sunday, December 28, 2008

Work in progress

I've done a small amount of hand dyeing and I love it. I decided to see if I could create a small quilt from various pieces of linen, flannel, cotton and rayon. I find myself wanting to include a variety of pattern sizes and shapes and I think it needs some tiny shapes added. So something about marrying all kinds of textural differences is at play here, as well as combining the opposites of red and green. One of the series I've been working on is the 'middle ground' - the place of tension between opposites where something surprising emerges. I'd like to take this piece further by stamping, foiling, painting or any other method that feels right.


menohead said...

Wow, Yvonne- I am impressed- you are far beyond me- you have learnt so much in such a short time good on ya congrats on your blog- looks good

Yvonne said...

Thanks Jan!