Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finished felt journal and planning

One thing I love about felt is how both sides end up looking interesting and it's often hard to choose. I should have taken a photo of the underside, which was more muted - next time. I've cut the felt piece down from it's original size after the wet felting, added yarn, commercial wool felt, roving and ribbon - glueing it to the journal. Many of the journal covers I make are transferable to other journals the same size - but I like the wavy edged, looser look that is glued on, too.
I'm also continuing to explore what I want to focus on and accomplish in the year ahead. I don't want too many specific goals as I want to keep my learning fun and leave room for what wants to arise organically. Also, I like being realistic - I simply can't work on fibre 8 hours a day everyday in the middle of family life and keep the lower stress life I prefer. So I choose flexibility and self-compassion - as in - I commit to work on something fibre-related most days - and that could be as basic as reading about a technique. I am amazed to look back to 2 years ago when I first got a sewing machine and began spending time most days on art. I made a cloth doll and I remember feeling quite guilty at all the time I was spending making her. Wow - has my attitude ever changed! Fibre art has really become my work and my love. I'll post a photo of my doll soon.

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