Monday, December 29, 2008

Journal covers

Today I didn't get into the studio until after dinner. Some days there are other areas of life that need tending and I think maintaining a balance is important. When I was getting my master's degree, I came up with an anacronym I use regularly to remind myself about balance: PRICES. And I do pay a price if I do too much of one thing at the expense of others. Physical (diet, exercise, health), Relational, Intellectual, Creative, Expression and Spiritual. If I ever feel stuck I run through these areas and check out which one needs addressing.

But back to what I created today. I collaged lace, satin, silk, ribbon and another fabric I don't know the name of onto a wool journal cover I'm making for my niece. Yes - that's right, I'm still making a few 'Christmas' presents because family is visiting next weekend and I took advantage of the extended time period to prepare gifts after the actual day. I also used my embellishing machine to attach roving to chiffon and then I wet felted it and now it's drying. This will become a second journal cover. I keep thinking about weaving strips of felt together and then sewing them down - and - I have a new book 'Uniquely Felt' by Christine White that I might look in for inspiration.


Laura said...

Hi Yvonne
Congratulations on your blog.
Thanks for sharing your work.
I do love the prices concept - something noone should ignore!
I'm really looking forward to the progress on your hand dyed piece.
See you soon and happy new year!

Yvonne said...

Thanks Laura - nice to hear from you!

mabarnes said...

Hi Yvonne!
I like the interweaving of your life and your fabric art...


Yvonne said...

Thanks, Mary - I'm glad you are posting now!