Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Entering the Fray

 A well worn friend has been sitting in a pile with others waiting to be mended and made wearable again.  Very comfortable and a good fit, I found this sweatshirt in a thrift shop like new.  I've never really liked the neutrality of the colour or the embroidered logo.  In looking over the pile considering what I might make in CWB2, it caught my eye and when I laid a piece of leaf dyed wool on it, my creative flames were ignited.
 After turning and stitching  the frayed cuffs and bottom under, I cut pieces to cover worn areas and considered how clothing is the interface between me and the outside world and what might I want it to say as an expression of me?
 I rarely find anything ready made that I would like to buy and have only a few items in my closet that I actually like.  So I also dug out this shirt experiment I began a few years ago, thinking to sew something simply, without a pattern and to make it in a style and colour I like - only I never did complete it.
So I re-hemmed and made size adjustments and handstitched the neckline and while I would prefer a natural fabric, it now fits, is light and drapes nicely and I  like wearing it because it expresses something of me.
I haven't posted in awhile so will do another one to show more of the sweatshirt's progress.  I've only stitched a few further lines on Palace of the Soul, as I am focusing on wearables for now.


Yvonne Moxon said...

This is beautiful Yvonne, I too find that there is very little in my wardrobe that I feel truely comfortable in. I dislike clothes shopping and prefer the off chance buy from sale or the charity shop, but I do enjoy being able to take something I dont weart and remake into something I want to wear. I love the floaty effect of your top...perfect for the weather we are having right now here in Scotland, so hot and sunny today for a change!

Yvonne said...

Thank you and I can see you relate to the joy of making over clothing to better suit ourselves.