Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hand Made

I like to make most of the cards I give - and I had been longing to use my pink snow dyed fabric. When I was a child, my mother made some of my clothes, including some shorts with straps and a bib and although most of my life I have not been a sewer, I have saved items of clothing that held special meaning for me. Mom had severe rheumatoid arthritus, which makes the embroidered butterflies she put on the front of the bib even more special. As well as transformation, butterflies remind me of her. And they seem joyful to me - so light, beautiful and free. So I will add them to Palace of the Soul to honour nurturance and these other qualities.

The wonderfully curling bark I pictured in the last blog post, gave hardly any colour to some silk I wrapped with it and steamed, so I used some onion skins to add a little more colour and will keep over dyeing it until I am pleased with its markings.

I also had a little drawing fun and while I may not stitch these, they would be very simple to do.

The track lighting is now up in my studio, as it was quite dark and not really useable after dusk. I've also expanded out into my old studio, moving paints and dyes, stamps and stencils and all kinds of things to the drawers and shelves vacated by my fabrics, which are now upstairs. Still lots more to do before it's complete, but when it is, I'll be feeling like this:


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Your drawing remind me of James Thurber's wonderful and witty sketches. The transformations of the embroidered butterfly is a wonderful way to play tribute to your mother. I love the snow dyed Valentine...I wish we could get a decent snowfall so I can play with snow dyes. Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

deanna7trees said...

your heart looks like it is ready to take flight and i love the sentiment of the butterfly.

Yvonne said...

Mary Helen - I googled images of James Thurber's dogs after your comment and thanks for that reference and also for your comment. I've heard people sometimes use ice cubes or snow from their fridge to dye with and I haven't tried that, but it might be an option.

Yvonne said...

Deanna - yes, those are wings and I'm so glad I have a little of my mother's handwork. I really treasure those hand made items and have some from each of my grandparents. I took your lace pouch holding scissors, threads and needles to a group of stitchers yesterday, where it was enjoyed and admired!