Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Change of Scene

I have been wanting to make silk dupioni chenille for awhile - just for fun - to see what it looks like. The frayed edges are very soft. Next time I will make the spaces between the sewing narrower. Here is a gap of another sort that I saw on a recent day trip:

And some of nature's lines and textured fringe.

And far in the distance, on one of the islands, is my home.

A change in perspective can be so refreshing!


Mo'a said...

What a wonderful idea...and yours looks wonderful.
I love your photos...especially the one with the grasses and the little white house.

Els said...

Ha, the vibrant colours of the silk contrast with the quiet tones in the landscapes...!
Love how your Heartland turned out: a true beauty, Yvonne

Yvonne said...

Mo'a - thank you - those grasses almost glowed with the setting sun!

Els - a shot of vibrant colour is good for the soul and thank you for your comments about Heartland.