Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stitch, Paper and Pattern

Stitches aloft... And stitches on the ground.

These toilet paper castings really pick up texture and are so easy and fun - although they take a long time to dry. I've stitched through the one above to make a card with it.

And here I've made a stamp and am using it to explore symmetry in the pattern design course that I'm taking.

Pattern is a fascinating and complex subject!


deanna7trees said...

your feather is stunning.
toilet paper castings--that's something i've never heard said before--very interesting.

Penny Berens said...

Magnificent airborne feather.
Suppose you are too young to remember the coloured toilet paper of years gone by! Enjoy your castings.

Judy Whaites said...

Toilet paper castings?? Tell me more, they look very interesting.

Yvonne said...

Deanna and Penny - thanks! Penny, I dimly remember coloured toilet paper - or maybe that was marshmallows? I tried paint on some of the castings and coloured tissue paper, as well, which worked for adding colour.

Judy - the castings are very simple to make. Stack eight or more sheets of toilet paper, dampen with water, daubing off any excess and mold over the shape you want and leave to dry on it or remove carefully and let dry. I have tried quite a few kinds of textures and also added glue to the water or coated a dry casting with gel medium afterwards and then painted it, added glitter... I'll post another one I did yesterday.

Judy Whaites said...

Thanks Yvonne, I'm going to try this, it looks like fun.