Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nancy Crow Initiation

I arrived at the locale of the Nancy Crow class in torrenting rain, but we had everything from snow, hail, sun and high winds during the course of the week. Not that I was outside much, since I was too busy working! Yes, it was INTENSE. Initially we worked with black and white fabrics and no rulers, cutting lines and shapes, piecing them together in various ways and then designing three small pieces - which I managed to complete just before midnight of the first day. This is the first and best of the three pieces, as I spent the most time on it. We also worked with neutral coloured fabrics and then opened the door to our full range of colour, sewing many combinations and later designing five quick studies to explore what we wanted to do for a large piece. I ended up making two larger pieces and felt very pleased that I kept up with all the exercises we were given. I will post photos of the two quilt tops in another blog entry.

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