Monday, April 12, 2010

Heads or Tails?

My weekend started with a rare opportunity to see a dead grey whale that had washed up on the beach at East Sooke Park and unexpectedly, I also later saw the bones of another grey whale, near the end of the weekend, at Pearson College, while I was out that way to see the 'Consider the Lilies VIII' fibre art show, when I also stopped in at the campus. I felt awed by the size and magnificence of the whales, but I have to say I much prefer when I have encountered them live, rising from the deep to stare at me. It was the second day of the Lilies show and I noticed there seemed to be fewer pieces then other years, but heard that quite a few had sold the first day. There was still plenty to see and be inspired by - art quilts, fibre pieces, journals, calendars, cards, clothing, dolls, bags and jewlery. Ten local artists pooled their talents to produce the beautiful show, which I attend every year and wouldn't miss! I also happened upon a dream garage sale with tables and boxes of every imaginable kind of bead - the photo above shows some cultured pearls and crystals I bought for a pittance, but I found other types, as well, including some hand carved bone horse heads and natural coloured stone geometric shapes that I especially like. Today I reorganized my studio, managing to find space to put away the leftover fabrics from the Nancy Crow workshop by a series of moves - almost like a giant chess board with a win being the resulting clean counter space!

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