Sunday, February 21, 2010

Colour Collection

When I first began gathering the copious amount of solid colour cottons on the supply list for the Nancy Crow workshop that I will take next month, it felt like reaching for the moon.

Another trip up island yesterday added to the layers piling up in the basket and I have only 15 colours left to find.
I notice photographing blues and reds

as I continue to stitch with them.


Laura said...

Such a cheerful collections of colours. Good luck at finding your last few. I'll bet this is when you wished shopping over the internet was easier with respect to colours.
You'll also be a who has what at island quilt shops expert!

Yvonne said...

Thanks, Laura - I still have 2 local shops I can try and I haven't made it as far as Nanaimo, yet:)

Puddleduck said...

What a gorgeous terracotta dragon! How do you embroider text so small and neat? I'm couching some red and white thread text at the moment but it is largish.... wouldn't know how to even begin something at this scale!