Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Filling in the Rainbow

I'm just back from my quilt guild's annual 'garage sale' which was such fun to look at the multitudes of fabrics, books and other quilting related supplies. I found a Nancy Crow book and a few metres of solid coloured fabrics, among other things :) I will add snippets of the new colours to my developing chart which I made in a hurry and discovered just how tricky deciding what colour family fabrics are from, can be. I think I will learn alot just gathering the supplies for the Nancy Crow course!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I see you caught that rainbow the other day. Do all your colors correspond with your homeland?

Yvonne said...

Hi, do I know you? I'm not quite sure what you are meaning, but if you're talking about the fabric swatches I've collected so far, I'm gathering a range of values of 24 colours - so pretty much the colours of the rainbow. A rainbow to me symbolizes the fullness of all possibilities, which would encompass my inner homeland, and in watching my outer homeland, there's a rainbow of possiblities, too.