Sunday, November 1, 2009

Book of The Rising Sun

These photos show some of what I did today in day two of Gail Harker's Sketchbook workshop. I've tried to get the proportions of the different colours from my sunrise photo represented in a collage of papers. In the next photo, I've positioned a ginko leaf on papers I painted and the bottom photo is my clean up rag, which reminds me of flowers, and I can imagine adding stitch to it. While I have many journals with text and others with drawings and photos as well, I haven't yet included stitch and paint and that feels like the direction I'd like to head for my 'personal library'.


Pam de Groot said...

Hi Yvonne. I remember doing the paper tearing thing. I quite like it, the torn edges give lines you may not have thought of yourself.
Your bag was sent on friday so I hope it gets there quickly. You asked in your email how I came across your blog. I found you just as I started my own blog. I think i typed in fibre and textile art into the blog search and up you came. I liked that you were using the blog as a journal tool and thought I'd like to watch that process.

Laura said...

Hi Yvonne
Glad you had such a productive time, finding a good way to work.
Thanks for sharing some of your fun.
With the sketch books, you must pull out pages, then do you put them back (with tape) or start another book or???

Yvonne said...

Pam, thanks for sending my bag and I'll let you know when I receive it, if you don't hear my excited whoop all the way from Canada :) And thanks for telling me how you found the blog - I'm glad you did!

Hi Laura, yes, you can cut the pages out and the paper is stiff enough that you can put them back into the coil and they stay there, so no need for tape. But I think we learned that method for other reasons and that if I want to keep paint off my pages, I can just cover the ones below with protective plastic until the page I'm working on is dry. Gail said that working on a separate page can be less inhibiting for some people, if it's not part of a book.