Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quilting Pages

I've begun quilting 'Desert Bloom' and have sewn a sleeve ready to put on the back once I'm finished. I'm using thicker variegated Valdani thread for the top and it has not been a smooth process, with the usual puzzles as to why thread suddenly breaks, why there is a clunking sound and why this process repeats after rethreading, adding a new needle, adjusting tension, etc. I will persist and when my Pfaff is stitching properly, I am enjoying drawing as I go - no plan but a spark of inspiration to do the flower petals on the pink square and moving from there to smaller blossoms, cactus and outlining existing foliage. I was thinking today of how each quilt is like a page in the book of my life, capturing a period of experience in its layers.


Laura said...

I love your free motion quilting.
Glad you are having some fun with it.
Could your Pfaff have dust in the bobbin case? My old Pfaff (circa 1980) used to really misbehave when it had dust in it's workings and that would certainly cause clunking and tension problems. I just feel so frustrated for you when your machine misbehaves!

Yvonne said...

Thanks, Laura, for the suggestion and sympathy - I brushed the Pfaff out recently, but I will try again - and do everything else possible, too. Now it's not even sewing simple straight stitch with a regular foot - so something is definitely awry!