Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blooming Inside and Out

 There are so many flowers blooming now,
 including a few in my studio,
where I've been working on three wet felted pieces
 that I've entered for jurying into the Sooke Fine Arts Show.
I recently found this perfect bowl, made by artist Mary Fox, to hold my new business cards while out at the contemporary clay show 'Fired Up' in Metchosin.
This feels like a time of transformation for me - I am working to get several new ventures off the ground -
but they are in motion.  This was a recent gift I made.
And now I'll return to my studio to see what emerges next from the creative reservoir!


marny said...

Oh my gosh, a little tram car??? San Francisco?? Or it could be one of the old electric trams that used to run around Vancouver. Such stunning work!

Yvonne said...

Thanks, Marny - the topic was apropo for the receiver and I enjoyed the challenge. I learn with every piece.