Monday, March 10, 2014

More From Last Year

'Song of the Sea' is currently in the Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula 'Small Expressions' show on until March 30th.
I find sculptures are very challenging to convey with photos, as no angle really gets the sense of the whole.
"Inner Work'  was a gift I made last December.
A Side view.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne - it was so good to see you yesterday. You look so happy and relaxed. Lovely to connect after all these years and see that, for each of us our lives are rich and full. How grateful I am.

I love the vivid colours you use in your fibre art and think your sculptures are interesting, unique and beautiful.

With much warmth,

Yvonne said...

Joann, I really enjoyed reconnecting with you, too - and appreciate your warm, open, and vibrant way of being. Thank you for your comment about my sculptures and I wish you all the best with all my heart!