Monday, April 16, 2012

Where There's A Will...

I was at the 'Consider the Lilies' fibre art show on the weekend - set in this lovely church with its lily-flooded grounds. These lilies found a way to grow in spite of adverse conditions. That is always a source of wonder, for me - and of inspiration.

These arbutus were also determinedly continuing to grow while clinging to the cliff edge and reaching for the water.

And here is another type of growth I saw - hanging onto it's tree host and defying gravity.

I have been feeling my way towards growth - I decided to line a jacket I had sewn last fall, taking apart a shirt to do it with. The conditions weren't ideal, because I don't have much experience with this, the shirt was smaller and the outer jacket pieces were already put together, so after much figuring, cutting and sewing, I decided it wasn't going to work satisfactorily, and I took the lining all apart again. I tend to just jump in with an idea and it doesn't always work out. But even so, I learn and grow through the doing - even if it's as simple a lesson as 'I won't do this again'! I will still salvage the jacket by finishing the edges with fabric cut on the bias and the inside seams are sealed with a serging type of stitch from my machine, so that will have to do!


Laura said...

Yvonne, Thanks for sharing your photos. Very inspiring for me.

Yvonne said...

Laura, I'm glad you were inspired and I appreciate you letting me know!