Saturday, December 11, 2010

More 'Carding'

I have been making little pieces and cards to sell at the Victoria College of Art's upcoming exhibition and sale next weekend. Part of the class I'm taking involves preparation of something to sell, as well as tracking our time and exploring different ways of pricing. While I've sold a few items before and had larger pieces for sale in shows, this experience has been interesting because I am making multiples of the same item ( although each is unique) - but it's a concerted effort to have a number available at the same time. This one is in a matte board - new to me and I'm doing it as an experiment although I usually prefer raw edges and the softness being fully available to hold and touch.I have made cards for friends and loved ones ever since I took up sewing, but these will be for sale and were made without a specific person in mind - so - a different approach. Here are some of them:

And I have a few more started and I have ideas for other items to make for sale, but the trees on my cards are the only ones decorated at our house so far, and it's soon time to change that, so I'll see how much more I get done before the exhibiton!


Anonymous said...

I am sure enjoying your blog- the class looks so interesting- I plan on coming to the show on Friday pm Jan

Yvonne said...

Hi Jan - nice to hear from you and great you will be coming to the show - I think you'll enjoy seeing everyone's work!