Sunday, January 3, 2010

Flying With Intuition

When I had this cloth ready to begin stitching a few days ago, my eye was caught by some silk ribbon in a package in my studio and when I placed the ribbons by the cloth, I saw a great colour fit and decided to keep them out for whatever possibilities might emerge later. Today I first randomly dropped the ribbon on the fabric, then deliberately placed it, then suddenly thought of weaving it through the cloth and realized I'd have to cut slits in the fabric to do so. Well. Unexpectedly I felt myself resist and think that I couldn't do that because it would leave scraggly raw edges and couldn't possibly look good (even though the piece already has many raw edges). So I went away for a bit to reinspire myself and once I returned, cutting into the fabric became even more insistent and then I had a different idea - what if I was to cut a blossom shape out to reveal the under layers? Before I could change my mind, I just snipped the cloth in several places and added some stitch - and I like it! Making that cut is such a small step, yet it illustrates something of large importance; allowing myself the freedom to fly with intuition and not getting ahead of myself with judgement. Part of working more deeply is recognizing new layers of resistance, how I might move through them and then taking action.

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